what a splendid thought.

what a splendid thought.

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I have listened to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift an embarrassing amount of times today. On repeat.

Dangit if it isn’t a catchy little song.

Here it goes again….

"If I had no voice
If I had no tongue
I would dance for You like the rising sun."

[You Are — Colton Dixon]


I’m soaking up every last drop of home that I can, hoping that through an osmosis process of some sort, I can carry the feelings of comfort, love, and laughter into the days ahead. 

Home is a wonderful place.

It is one of my life’s greatest treasures.

How I wish, how I wish you were here.

We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl,

Year after year,

Running over the same old ground.

What have we found?

The same old fears.

Wish you were here.

[Wish You Were Here — Pink Floyd]

[Hi — Wrenn]

To all my funky music lovers out there — this artsy lady has an EP in store that is bound to blow our minds and knock off our socks.

But….she needs backers. Wrenn has a great future, and I selfishly want to enjoy all of her creations.

Think of it as unlocking a bonus feature on a video game level. But the game is life. And the level is Year 2014. And the bonus is awesome art.

So, if you dig her vibes, pre-order the album to make this a reality. Come on. Just Kick It.


Sometimes I Pray…

"Here’s my heart, Lord

Take and seal it

Seal it for thy courts above.”


[Baby Tomorrow (I’m Coming Home) — Drew and Ellie Holcomb]

[The Lord Is Gracious and Compassionate — Weekend Worship]

So…not the highest quality, but it’s the only version I could find that didn’t have an overly-breathy female vocal.

This song is a new favorite of mine, reminding me of how I am not the point. My striving, my sin, and my silliness — none of it is the point.

Jesus is The Point.

Audrey Hepburn + hats.

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